26 Fevral 2024

Prezidentdən Azərbaycanı ittiham etmək istəyənlərə sərt reaksiya

A harsh reaction from the president to those who want to accuse Azerbaijan

Fikret Yusifov: “If there are around 200 countries in the world, what right do 20-30 countries have the right to speak on behalf of so many countries?”

President Ilham Aliyev made very important announcements and messages during his speech at the meeting with residents who moved to Fuzuli and representatives of the district community on “Fuzuli City Day”. One of the noteworthy statements was the President’s “Many people repeated that there is no military solution to the conflict. We showed that there is, and we showed it again recently, this thread is closed!” is a statement.

Quote: “The topic of the Karabakh conflict is closed once and for all! The book of separatists is closed once and for all! This is a great happiness.”

The head of state also declared: “We do not depend on anyone, we do not ask for anything from anyone. That’s why some big countries are dissatisfied with us. Because they are used to come and bow before them, and he may or may not allow it. Some believed that we did not ask anyone when we were conducting anti-terrorist measures. So who should we ask?! What should we ask?! Some now say that we have deceived the international community. It is also strange that a group of countries considers itself an international community. After all, when we say international community, there are more than 200 countries, 20-30 countries cannot be considered international community. They are so used to it, they don’t consider anyone but themselves as public, and such an accusation is being made now that we deceived the international community, we deceived them by conducting anti-terrorist measures. This is very harmful logic. We have restored sovereignty in our native land, rightfully so, in accordance with all norms and principles, principles established at the international level. No one has the right to accuse us now. It’s true, there are attempts, you are probably watching, there have been and will be.”

This should be understood as President Aliyev’s harsh reaction from Karabakh to those who want to accuse Azerbaijan biasedly.

Who can try to accuse us, with what face and under what pretext? As the president said, these attempts will be made. With what methods should Azerbaijan respond to this and what can be our more effective tactics? Is it better not to agree, or to convey the truth to the world using all the possibilities?

Fikret Yusifov: "The economic reforms initiated by the government at the end of 2015 are already beginning to produce their results" |  Kaspi.az

 Fikret Yusifov

Former finance minister, economist scientist Fikret Yusifov told “Yeni Musavat” that the President of Azerbaijan ended the 30-year longing for Karabakh of 50 million Azerbaijanis in 44+1 days: “Before the 44-day Second Karabakh war, the events of the last three years in our Karabakh lands happened in this way and at this speed no one could believe it would happen. But it happened. The Azerbaijani flag is already flying in all corners of Karabakh, especially in Khankendi. I have no doubt that most of us still do not fully understand whether this is reality or a dream. I have enough reasons to say these thoughts. Because when Armenian separatism broke out around our Karabakh in the late 1980s, there were a million of us in the squares saying no to Armenian separatism. Wasn’t it us, who in 1988, as a sign of protest against the cutting down of several trees by Armenians in the Shusha forests, shouted that Karabakh is ours? After Karabakh was freed from 30 years of occupation and shackles, why don’t we take to the streets and celebrate the freedom of the entire Karabakh? Or does someone not allow it? No, it’s not like that. In fact, things happened so fast that we can’t even comprehend the heat of it yet. But the fact is that all Armenian games are over! They refused and left. Although we insistently told them to stay, they could not stay in the background of the injustices and crimes committed against Azerbaijan in these 30 years. These shameless and predatory creatures in human skin have lost their self-confidence. “They did not want to live in foreign lands.”

The former minister emphasized the importance of the messages of the head of state from Karabakh: “Ilham Aliyev has been calling on the Armenian government and its leaders for years to resolve this conflict peacefully without bloodshed. It was an attitude that came from the fact that we, as a nation, are peaceful and tolerant and carry multicultural values ​​on our shoulders for the resolution of the conflict. what did you do In accordance with your false Armenian nature, you have been busy prolonging the resolution of the conflict by exhibiting new fabrications every time for 30 years. You rushed to the point that when the President of Azerbaijan warned you that the military way of the matter would be chosen with this move, you declared that you would come to Baku with tanks. The only visionary leader you had so far was your former president Levon Ter Petrosyan. He repeatedly warned Kocharyan and Sarkisyan that Azerbaijan is creating a strong army, if you do not return the 7 regions, this army will knock your Karabakh myth on your head. However, these poor people ignored his words. And in the end, the 3 villains who led the “artsakh” set up by these clowns are sitting in the detention center of DTX and waiting for their fathers Sarkisyan and Kocheryan. They will join this team soon.

Azerbaijan has complied with all international norms, all conditions required by international law and freed its lands from the occupation of the hated Armenians. The Azerbaijani soldier sacrificed his life for the right cause of his people and state. What did the Armenian soldier do in this war? A large desert army of Armenian youths, who were forcibly incited to war, was created. Tens of thousands of Armenians left Armenia and avoided the war, Armenian officers chained Armenian soldiers to trenches so that they would not escape. All these were the real results of the Karabakh “love” of the Armenians who consider Karabakh as their “ancestral land”.

Armenians had to leave Karabakh, they understood this better than anyone else. However, their internal and foreign patrons, who were at the head of Armenian separatism, had brainwashed them in such a way that until the last days, they believed that the West, especially the USA and especially France, would come to their senses. However, patrons could not fulfill their obligations. For decades, the miatsum product created by the false propaganda machine has been wasted. Because everyone in the West, in the East, in the North and in the South knew very well how big this lie was. No matter how much they tried to bend and break Azerbaijan and force it to come to terms with separatism in Karabakh, they failed. Because today, at the head of the Azerbaijani state is Ilham Aliyev, who is the smartest and prudentest of all, as decisive as he is intelligent and prudent, a student of the political school of Heydar Aliyev.

F. Yusifov devoted a special place to one issue: “After the local anti-terrorist operations that we started on September 19 of this year, all the attempts of those who tried to accuse Azerbaijan of ethnic cleansing, using the excuse that we forcibly removed the Armenians who left our Karabakh lands of their own free will, one after another fails. Because we almost saw off the Armenians who left our lands with flowers. Yes, with flowers… Starting from the end of 1980, the Armenians expelled the Azerbaijanis from our ancestral lands called Armenia and from Karabakh with unimaginable brutality, bare feet and bare heads in the cold of winter. At that time, many of them lost their lives on the way.

International law now forgets all this and requires us to return the Armenians and ensure their safety. Let them do it. The equivalent of this is the return of 180,000 Azerbaijanis who were expelled from Armenia in the late 1980s to Armenia, to their ancestral lands, and the Armenian government guarantees their security. Let them come. If they accept it, let them come back to live in Karabakh. Our condition is a condition! If Armenians return to Karabakh, then our people who are longing for their ancestral lands should also return to Armenia – Zangezur, Darelayaz, Goycha district and other areas where Azerbaijanis once lived compactly.

They say that the international community condemns Azerbaijan. Who is the international community? As President Ilham Aliyev said, does the international community consist of 20-30 states? When there are around 200 countries in the world, what right do 20-30 countries have the right to speak on behalf of so many countries? This means disrespecting the rest of the states, disrespecting them, chewing international law. Throughout history, great powers have been busy humiliating small states and minority peoples, crushing them and fulfilling their wishes. It can be seen that even today, even today, they are committed to teaching the world “democracy lessons”, but they have not been able to get rid of the disease of oppressing and exploiting the peoples and keeping them under their control. If it were not so, they would not have tried to trample the right cause of Azerbaijan so much today. The UN, created by the great powers, would take real steps to ensure the implementation of the 4 resolutions of the Security Council on the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of Armenian military units from the lands of Azerbaijan. He did not throw it, because it was not necessary for the owners. What did the UN do to implement these resolutions in thirty years? At least, did he propose to impose any sanctions on Armenia in order not to implement these resolutions? No, he didn’t! Now the UN comes to Azerbaijan and accuses it of carrying out anti-terror operation and ethnic cleansing. All this is the product of Azerbaijan’s policy, which is based on the hypocritical and double standards of the West.

Azerbaijan is right in all the steps it has taken, and none of the requirements of international law have been violated in the steps it has taken. For this reason, France and all other countries of this kind that patronize Armenians should have known that the state of Azerbaijan will respond to all their unjust and unjust oppression. We know that these attacks against us will continue. Because those who do this have obligations to Armenian lobbies. But let them know that Azerbaijan will respond to all their pressures logically and within the framework of the rules required by international law. The truth is with us, so we are the strong ones. It is impossible to defeat the strong.”

Javanshir ABBASLI,
“Yeni Musavat”